The day I left Bradenton Florida for the final time I told your heathen mother-in-law that she was dead in my eyes!


You Douglas Holland have joined her in the grave!


Daughter Valeri, I have nothing to say to you other than to say you are not a stupid human being as your Mother is!  You have made decisions in your life that have purposefully excluded your father from your life and the life of your daughter!


Allowing your husband to feel and then express what he did to me without standing up for me: I WILL DO NOTHING MORE THAN WATCH! Nothing good can come from such hurtful and heartless acts as you and your also ignorant brother continue to inflict upon your Dad.


Yes Jordan, the Sheriff, visits my home on a regular basis and every time I get more upset!  For you to send the Sheriff to my home tells me you don’t care! (Poke at the wound is what you do) You should know, you don’t, so what is there left for me to do or say other than you know where I live, until I move.


I was victimized by your Mother, and you have both already added to the punishments inflicted upon me.


May GOD forgive you all!